1. border, edge, margin, skirt, rim, lip, periphery, verge; brow, brink, ridge, ledge; curbstone, Brit. kerb.
2. frame, framework, enclosure, boundary; confines, bounds, limits, sides; wall, fence, railing, rail, post, picket, palisade, barrier, barricade.
3. restraint, self-restraint, check, checking; curbing, holding back, control, controlling, self-control; curtail, curtailment, cutting down on, moderation, temperance; slackening, slack, leniency, looseness, Inf. letting up on, Sl. laying off of; slowing up or down, deceleration, braking.
4. hindrance, retardant, damper, damp, wet blanket; repression, suppression, withholding; constraint, confinement, bar, bolt, lock, padlock; restriction, limitation, leading string, leash, chain, rein, tether; yoke, halter, harnass, bridle, collar, stay; bit, snaffle, muzzle, gag.
5. abstention, abstinence, nonindulgence, abstemiousness, moderation, continence, celibacy, fasting; Puritanism, austerity, self-mortification, self-deprivation; asceticism, self-denial, self-abnegation; refrainment, forbearance, desistance.
6. restrain, check, keep in check, hold back, contain, control; withhold, deny, abnegate, suppress, repress; curtail, cut down on, moderate, be temperate, Inf. let up on, Sl. lay off of, be lenient, be slack or loose with; slow up or down, decelerate, brake; stop, Sl. cheese, hold, stay, cease, arrest, halt; pull up, stop short, come to a halt; discontinue, interrupt, let up, pause, suspend, intermit; drop, have done with, let alone, let be, leave well enough alone, keep one's hands off, turn aside; desist, resist, abstain, forbear, restrain; forgo, do without, sacrifice; give up, Inf. swear off, quit, leave off, break off; renounce, relinquish, put aside.

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